Who Cares

May 29

Prince YOU The Daddy?

Not sure if you follow the gossip blogs, but there is this rumor going around in the industry about a new up and coming Pop/Rock singer from NYC named Sterling Infinity.

You see a parentally the “Doves Cry” Singer Prince fathered a son twenty something years ago and kept it on the low, that son being Sterling Infinity. Well last night I went to Brooklyn Hall to see the Child of royalty perform(I was looking for signs of musical DNA) Well if last night was anything to go by Sterling Infinity is truly Prince’s son. I’ve heard nothing about it from following Sterling On twitter, but I could see why they would not want this out…

In any case see for yourself. Sterling Infinity's first single 'Hypnotized' and second single Nicotine are below.

Ms. Stacey Salt

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